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Nutrition Counseling and Care in the Management of Cardiovascular Diseases

Lifestyle factors, including nutrition, play an important role in the etiology of Cardiovascular Diseases.
While there is a range of genetic and other factors influencing cardiovascular diseases, the strongest factors for these conditions are generally dietary and lifestyle behaviors.
Hence, we use medical nutrition therapy and targeted lifestyle interventions to treat, manage, and slow the progression and worsening of conditions associated with cardiovascular diseases.

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We target these specific metabolic abnormalities, assess each client’s medical condition and match individual needs with the most suitable nutrition and lifestyle-based interventions.

As such, the services we provide are based on latest scientific evidence, personal medical data of our clients, and the most up-to-date, best-practice methods to conceive a diet and lifestyle change specifically for each client.

Equipped with such appropriate knowledge, a personalized plan, and ongoing monitoring and support, managing your progress and reducing your risk for cardiovascular disease is attainable.

Among others, we help clients learn how to balance nutrition, activity levels, and lifestyle behaviors together with their medications to manage blood pressure and cholesterol levels effectively so as to reduce the risks for developing complications associated with cardiovascular diseases.


Important knowledge that we impart to clients include:

  • Understanding the disease process as it relates to heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

  • Learning about dietary components that have a direct effect on blood cholesterol and lipid levels and blood pressure.

  • Discovering the meaning of therapeutic lifestyle changes and dietary approaches to stop hypertension.

  • Finding out about the role of micronutrients in promoting health and preventing disease.

  • Discovering the importance of diet quality.

  • Becoming familiar with the concept of nutrient density versus calorie density.

  • Learning how to plan meals and suitable snacks at appropriate times.

  • Understanding the role of sugar, salt, and fat in the disease process.

  • Discovering how to attain a healthy weight to manage your health.

  • Embracing the role of physical activity in managing your condition.

  • Understanding laboratory results and blood pressure readings, and

  • Other topics that are deemed necessary for your individual educational process.



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