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About the founder and the organization

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CONCEPTION of the organization: 

Cornerstone Vision Center was officially registered in 2003 as a non-profit, non-political, non-governmental, non-denominational organization.  Its activities cover the whole of the national territory of the Republic of Cameroon and also include online services to clients in other countries.

Married to beautiful wife Grace Etape Ntube Tange with four (4) children, one (1) daughter-in-law and three (3) grandchildren.


1st - Pamela Mbole Sone (adopted)

2nd - Fobizshi Azie Tange

       - Sandrin Atuefack Tange (daughter-in-law)

3rd - Etape Sumelong Tange

4th - Tata Fombar Tange

Grand Children:

Dorval Tange, Kendrix Emmanuel Azie Tange and Bryson Momo Tange

The Director of CVC, Emmanuel A. Tange, is a seasoned Nutritionist and Dietitian. He has been in professional practice for over 30 years after obtaining a doctorate degree from Justus Liebig University in Germany.

Had served as research associate in Germany, as university professor in University of Ngaoundere Cameroon, worked in various capacities at University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, Shaw University in Raleigh North Carolina and most recently with the Catholic University of Cameroon (CATUC) Bamenda as Head of Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, as well as Provost (Dean) of CATUC's School of Tropical Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Has been active in private practice as dietitian and nutrition counselor for over thirty years and is a registered member of the German Dietetics Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung e. V. - DGE) with membership registration ID (Mitgliedsausweis-Nr. 953135).

Is very proficient in the English, French, German and Pidgin languages, among others.

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