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We provide nutrition counselling and dietetics support to improve health of people with:

  • Weight Problems

  • Gastrointestinal Conditions

  • Hypertension

  • Diabetes

  • Cancer

We provide nutrition counseling and dietetics support, locally and internationally, to improve health of people with:


You can now click on any of the above 6 conditions or on their respective titles in the main menu.


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Our services include:

  • Promoting the health and well-being of persons of all categories and ages by providing optimal target-oriented individualized nutrition counselling, care and support, irrespective of their health status; but especially for those experiencing the above-mentioned 6 conditions.

  • Offering nutritional support and guidance based not only on western menus, but we also offer counseling and meal plans founded on a wide range of commonly consumed West and Central African local foodstuffs and delicious traditional dishes. Depending on our client's health status, all of these shall be well-tailored to meet the optimal health needs of each individual.


 In a nutshell, our work encompasses a nutrition diagnosis as well as therapeutic and counseling services to help manage any of the six conditions.


With decades of experience in private clinical practice and as a leading certified dietitian nutritionist expert in Cameroon, Prof. Dr. Emmanuel A. Tange (Director of CVC and university professor), has functioned as consultant in the conception of Ministry of Health's nutrition protocols for nationwide implementation, provided evidence-based nutrition care services to clients, conducted several national scientific conferences on innovations in medical nutrition therapy, ran various wellness programs, nutrition initiatives, and much more.



          For any inquiry or to book for an appointment, please complete the contact form provided at bottom of this page and submit it or call the indicated number.

     We utilize tested effective nutrition counseling methods and proven dietetics techniques that are tailored to improve the health of individuals.

     We help patients to better understand their needs, and where applicable, they are equipped with simple skills to adopt new attitudes and lifestyles that will contribute towards amelioration of individual health situations.

     We employ measures that are easily implementable, acceptable and enjoyable; while producing the desired health improving goals.

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For One-to-one Consultations in our Facility

Initial session fee: 30.000 Francs CFA

Follow-up session (45 minutes) fee:

20.000 Francs CFA

Follow-up session (30 minutes) fee:

15.000 Francs CFA

For One-to-one Consultations Virtual

Initial session fee: US $ 80

Follow-up session (45 minutes) fee:

US $ 50

Follow-up session (30 minutes) fee:

US $ 30

You might be required to fill our preparatory

Pre-consultation form

Please note that for Online Consultations, our fees do change depending on the city/town or country!

Contact Us

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Cornerstone Vision Center, NWCA Building, Commercial Avenue, Bamenda, N.W. Region, Cameroon

Tel: +237-677-622-525

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